Friday, June 24, 2011

Tour de France Pool

Hi all,

Our Tour de France pool is up and running again.  Info can be found here:

Entry forms can be found here:

All of the entry fees collected will be going to a local chairty, winner's choice.  In the past we used the entry fees to support the Jason Lapierre Scholarship at the UofC, but since we have reached our endowment quota, we've changed where the money goes.  Last year the winner donated the money ($860) to the Neonatal Unit at the RockyView hospital.

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Trev said...

I will be sending out an email to the whole club with a link to the spreadsheet very soon. Here is the link if you want to get on this sooner than that. THIS IS NOT LIMITED TO STC MEMBERS !! IF YOU LIKE CYCLING AND THE TOUR, JOIN THIS, IT ONLY MAKES IT MORE FUN!

That is the link to grab the spreadsheet and send it to Kyle at

dukyle @ yahoo. ca

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