Monday, June 6, 2011

TnT #8 - Wasa Taper Ride


I am racing Wasa this weekend and want to have some fresh legs for the new Wasa bike course. This week, I would like to take the train out to the top of Cochrane Hill and return on 567. This is the same route we did a few weeks ago when Debby (my wife) had to come out in the unofficial Speed Theory van to clean up the carnage.

I like the return on 567, less traffic to deal with.

Same rules apply as last time. Everyone takes a pull on the front. Watch the wind direction and draft appropriately with enough space. The pace will be recovery and up a notch if everyone feels good. There is construction debris on the road so we have to be careful. This is an excellent opportunity for the lead rider to communicate to all riders behind.

I am totally open to suggestions, if the group wants to change the plan. Leaving at 6:45.


slayer dan


Harley Borlee said...

this works good for me. If anyone wants to do a little extra we can also do Cochrane Hill which will give Darcy some what of a warm up!! See ya Thurs!

kingstrup said...

I'm in. Don't mind a spin up the hill. Forcast looks great.

Cheers, Keith

David B said...

I'm in.

David B said...

Just realized Marcy, Marie and I did a different route last night, south down to 549. Good training though...:)

Jeff said...

i would come out too but still need to wait for my replacement shifter to get here...hopefully i'll be out next week!

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