Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TnT #9 - Banff Hill Climb Conflict


As we discussed last week after the training ride, the Banff Hill Climb race will prevent many of us from taking part in the weekly TnT ride.

I would encourage the riders that have been coming out to still come out and practice the essential safe riding skills that we have been working on.

Keith mentioned that he could act as "El Presidente" and guide everyone around our route.




kingstrup said...

Keith will head out weather permitting. Thinking out to the top of Cochrane hill and back via Retreat Road (no drop). Want to stay off the 1-A due to the debri we encountered last week. Will watch the weather pattern and post something around 5:00pm tomorrow.

kingstrup said...

Still Raining. Checked Radar and it looks like showers will continue. Can't find my "Aero" Snorkle so will pass on a ride tonight. See everyone next Thursday. Cheers, K

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