Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Four Updates.

Well the weather has finally come around and it is great to see so many team mates out on the roads. Make sure to be taking advantage of all the great opportunities the club is offering.

1.) Ever since I moved from Victoria, I have harboured a dream to start up a ride that provides excellent training for experienced cyclists and excellent learning opportunities for novices. Having the two groups start rides together provides the breeding ground for the advancement of cycling in Alberta in general. I have modelled this ride after 'The Wheelers Ride' in Victoria as it's success was extremely obvious with the quality of rider in that city. I haven't called it by any club name or business name on purpose as I want ANY club's riders, of any level to show up, as long as everyone knows the ground rules. I have set up a website for the ride and would love it if the ride started THIS Sat. at 9am. PLEASE FORWARD THIS POST to non-club members who ride. Here is the link to the ride: The Calgary Wheeler's Ride.

See you this Sat. !!

2.) Kyle Marcotte hosts the TdF Pool every year and it makes the Tour even more fun. The proceeds go to a good cause of the winner's choosing. Join up, and help him raise some money and provide an added level of 'Tour Enjoyment'. Here is the link to the rules and the spreadsheet. Download it, fill it in (it only takes a few minutes) and send it to Kyle at dukyle@yahoo.ca. FORWARD THIS POST to your friends since they probably want to get in on this. Link is here.

3.) The club has started working on it's sponsorship package for the JayLap Memorial Cycling Weekend. If your company would like to help out in ANY capacity, please get ready to give this sponsorship package to your boss. The easiest way for a company to help is to provide fun Primes in the crit and road race. A good example is Marcy's Chiropractic office donating free 1hour massages for Primes in the crit... perfect !!

4.) SAVE THE DATE. Right now, make sure that Aug. 6th and 7th are blotted off on your calendar to volunteer at our flagship event. You only need to volunteer for one of the events and you can race the other two. The crit and road race are the most volunteer heavy.

Don't forget TnT every week, and I am hoping to post a club event for this Sun morning to coincide with the TTT in the Tour !!

See you on the road,

Trev and the Club.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea Trev. I can't make it for the first couple of weeks but will after that. Nothin' like trying to stay with fast dudes to make me faster.

"Pathoowie": interjection: The sound made when a rider is left by the main pack.

example: Pathoowee! Tom was ejected from the rear of the pack in under 15 seconds

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