Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ARC Resources Jason Lapierre Memorial Cycling Weekend.


UPDATE. ITT Start List Posted!

UPDATE: Members, ensure to schedule the family to come to the BBQ at 5pm on Sunday !! We deserve an evening to relax and talk about the weekend. Food and beer/wine (with a DD) are included. Matt and Jen's place is here.


Tech Guide here.

Volunteer document here. (Please, even if you aren't a club member but want to help out, please go to this link and put your name and phone number anywhere you see a '??'. If you see a '??', that means we are looking for someone to fill that role.)

UPDATE !! WE NEED AT LEAST 1 more volunteers for Sunday for course marshals, 1 more cars, and 1 person to be at the hall in charge of food and keeping people's stuff OK.



Dennis said...

Looks awesome!

Just a minor comment: For the Bergen RR the loop is 4 x 4 miles (16 miles) and we measured it to be about 26.5 km per lap, so the Cat 1/2 race would be around 132.5 km... minus the 3 km to the corner from the finish line.

Trev said...

OK, thanks Dennis, I will update the next version of the Tech Guide.

running_on_ice said...

I'm wondering if any of the marshals for the TT want to share a ride out there? Willing to drive. I live in the NW.


Reinier said...

Any chance you could just move the 3 U17 start times up instead?
It's a good drive from South Calgary to Acme and Cat 5's always seem to have their sleep reduced!

Trev said...

That is a better solution. Nice one.


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