Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ironman Aug. 29th

UPDATE: Well, the conditions were the talk of the day as there was a solid headwind down the Keremeos to Osoyoos corridor and the stifling heat. Congrats for any of the brave souls that toughed it out and got the job done.

Simon Forman had a fricken killer day out there! He came out of the water in 1762nd position and proceeded to mow down 1416 on the bike !! Holy Cow.. he left on the run in 346th position and went on a tear crushing a further 196 people to finish in 149th !! WOW !!

A shout out goes to my good friend Ryan Cain from Cranbrook (or as I lovingly refer to it as 'The Trailer Park'), who finally laid down a sweet IMC and finished 2nd age-grouper overall with a super time of 9:33. He was the finisher directly behind another good friend, his ex-Speed Theorist brother Dallas Cain. Both brothers were part of the 'Brookview 6' which sent 3 of the 6 friends to the NHL. So they know how to 'git er dun' !

This athlete tracker is really good if you are looking up a friend for results.

Simon Forman: 942 (10:34)
Wayde Bymoen: 707 (11:11)
Kyle Marcotte: 7 (10:09, looks like his injury was the factor there)
Kevin Aitken: 1502 (12:08)
Jen Mansell: 2600 (13th women overall 10:36)
Ian Pritchard: 945 (11:33)
Cathy Rankin: 3193 (14:27)


Ryan said...


Way to hold it together during the second half of the run. You looked super strong heading back to Lakeshore Drive.

Lockie said...

Great work, Simon! Sounds like everything came together on race day, awesome.

Kyle, sorry to hear about the injury...pretty smoking time for a gimp though ;)

SimonF said...

Thanks for the kind words guys. I think I finally had a good race in Penticton.

Ryan, if only the entire marathon course wasn't like the Main Street - Lakeshore Drive where you saw me. I could have run a sub-three if it was ;)

Trev, thanks for the great coaching.

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