Sunday, August 21, 2011

Provincials Road Race... preliminary results!

Rhonda became the Women's road provincial champion today !! Sure her husband crushed it at the Olympics, but now the family has something to be REALLY proud about :) Way to go Rhonda, sweet race and nice riding! They raced the women with the Cat5's today and I look forward to hearing the stories.

Derek extinguished the flames of all other Cat5's hopes and climbed the ladder of the podium to the top spot today. Darcy was sixth. This will send both those two into Cat4. For Darcy it is 'for real' this time!

Dave was 3rd in Cat3 which is awesome.

Harley was the sole Cat2 competitor for us unfortunately. I think I will make a push for us to represent better in that Cat next year (me included). Sorry Harley to leave you teamless for today.

More results to follow as the texts come through from Lethbridge.



Marilyn said...

Great work Rhonda. Nice job representing Speed Theory women.

wattsi74 said...

Way to go Darcy!

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