Monday, August 1, 2011

Crushing the TdB HC!

Here is Clarke, Matt, Rob, and Rick and Mike 'MC' Godfrey hitting up the HC yesterday.

Here is Simon Forman crushing the 70.3 run. He had a private cyclist follow him the whole way and will be Calgary 70.3's poster child to show off their great course. The photo shows Fast-Legs-Frank running by in the opposite direction. Two STC dudes who are missing their bikes !!



Clarke E said...

Thanks Trev, Marcy and Thomas for cheering me on on that tough corner, maybe it made a few seconds difference in my result.

By the way, is that from a video? The file being named "vlcsnap" makes me suspicious.

Trev said...

Yah, I like to take little 10second videos rather than try to shoot the perfect shot in one try. Then I can just take a snapshot of a frame from VLC player. The HERO cam has such good resolution, that a single frame looks pretty good. Not, pro quality, but good enough!


Rick C said...

I clearly win the "maximum mouth agape" competition. Yay!

Robert said...

Clearly I am not suffering enough

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