Friday, August 12, 2011

The Grand Fondue - UPDATE

Place meat on two wheeled device (Use 23 mm tires for best results)
Set temperature to 23 degrees C
Base liberally with sun tan oil
Cook Legs for 170 km's or approx. 7 hours
Occasionally replace fluids
Add sugar and salt as needed

UPDATE: The ingredients continue to increase for this delectable entree. It would seem this is the 'go to' fun ride of the season!

Yes, it's Rob W's Grand Fondue. Cook your legs at whatever pace you want to ride. This is a non sanctioned STC ride. The goal is to have as many riders out for a fun and social ride. Hammer if you want to. Get to know your team mates, your competitors or the dude/dudette next door.

See Robs post in the training rides forum.


Trev said...

Marilyn and I are 'in'.


Dan Sigouin said...

I'm so in.
I'm brining the scewers, extra fuel, some pots to melt the chocolate in and marshmallows.

Are you guys bringing Korean beef? I love that all you can eat stuff!

Anonymous said...

I can fit 5 guys (plus me) and 5 bikes in my van.
The bus departs from my house at 7:15.
RSVP with me tom(at)mapitfirst(dot)ca

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