Monday, August 8, 2011

Wednesday Night Series - Aug 10.

STC will host the Wednesday night special on the Woodland TT course. Below is the blurb from our kick-off race of the season. Try to take a minute off your May time!

This week is a 16km ITT on the NW Woodland course (Highway 1A and Woodland Road). The first rider will start at 6:30 PM. This will be a full aero TT. Feel free to use your TT/Tri bike, aero wheels & helmets, skin suits, shoe covers and any non-UCI compliant bike components. The course is mainly flat with a couple of rollers near the end to keep you interested and a brief downhill in the middle. I can use a few volunteers to help with this race. Let me know if you can help and I will need the stopwatches.

Some parking is available at Woodland Road. Parking is also available at Bearspaw road and at the Lions Club (Farmers Market) on Nagway Road.


S said...

Did you know that Hwy 1A is under construction during much of the course? there are a couple of heavy equipment highway crossing which will likely interfere with the "race".

Spirogeek said...

Yikes. I knew the were on it before but that the right should was clear. Anybody ridden it lately or are we facing a bigger problem here?

Robert said...

Diving home yesterday it was a mess. The turn on to retreat would be very dirty.

Spirogeek said...

Unrideable or should we look for another route. I can run it as an out an back on the course starting from the finish and turning at the top of th hill by retreat road.

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