Monday, July 2, 2012

Great White North Half Ironman July 1st, 2012

Not to clutter our cycling website with Tri stuff, but quite a few teammates headed up to Stoney Plain on the weekend to take part in Western Canada's largest half Ironman, the Great White North Half Ironman.

Michael Waldhuber, Fast Legs Frank Woolstencroft, Mike 'Shiv' Healy, Tanya Saloman, Wendy Kimmel, Cheryl Oga, Tessa Pagalilauan, me and team mate alumi Kyle and Kelly Marcotte.

Chris Hooper, and Jared were there cheering, which was great.

I'll try to get a few shots of the cycling portion, but they would have been tough to take in the rain, high winds, and occasional hail storm. It was a wet affair and no jaunts to any harbours like Darryl's tri, but we did get to swim in a lake completely composed of Canadian Goose poop, which was perfect since it was July 1st!



Wendy said...

Congrats to Trev on his 2nd place OA finish (and fastest bike split!).

I was likely still swimming when any hail was falling, but otherwise I thought the pouring rain was fitting for us Calgarians after all the rainy training wknds we'd had in the last month! My swim fear wasn't the grossness of the lake, but rather the mass of people- I've never done a race that started w/800 people at once before! And just 2 wks ago in a race in Boulder I was punched in the nose by someone in men's wave passing me- thankfully a kayak was nearby for me to calm my panic attack and wait for the blood to stop falling- but the fear of being hit again was a constant since I was surrounded by people almost the entire time!

Any other Speed Theory triathletes who are considering a 1/2IM next year though, should definitely keep GWN on their list since the most important part- the bike course- is super fast! And compared to any training you do on Rd to Nepal/ the Cochrane hill, the hill at the halfway point of the race will be a snap!

mikehealy said...

The highlight for me was watching Jeff Symonds pass me at the penultimate aid station, I'm on my first loop, he is finishing. He shouted for water and coke and proceeded to pour the coke over his head to cool himself off while I think it was raining still. Not sure what he did with the water.

MikeW said...

Trevor, congratulations on the 2nd overall! Well deserved. That was a fine hat you had on during the run. I might have to pick up something like that.

For me, I executed my race as to the best of my ability. I had a few goals going in to the race including going sub 4:30 and running a sub 1:30. I managed to pull those off and come in 13th overall! Very proud of that as it's a competitive field. Now, if I could learn to swim...

Excellent race for those interested in doing it.

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