Monday, July 16, 2012

They start race cyclists early here. Make sure to watch Wednesday during the Tourmalet!

I am pretty happy I had my rear camera on when a local youngster passed us on the ascent of a Col two days ago. That wasn't surprising as we kind of expected that here, but the awesome thing was 'The Look' the little dude shot Darcy as he passed. I just kept my head down so I am not sure if I was given the same stare.

We caught up with this little guy in a Cafe later in the day and of course the first thing we did was pick up his bike to try to find some excuse as to his speed. It weighed about the same as Marilyn's Honda Fit, so that wasn't it.

Tomorrow Darcy is riding in cut off jean shorts, thinking it must be the secret to European speed for sure.

Make sure to be watching Wednesday's stage on the Tourmalet!!  We will be there and we WILL get on TV this year. We are trying to convince Harley to completely paint himself red and white and run beside the cyclists for as long as possible.

Also, we were in Limoux for yesterday's Stage 14 start. We got to look closely at most of the Pro's bikes. I was interested in seeing the gear set up they had prepared for that 3.5km section of crazyness. Every rear cassette we looked at had an 11-28 on it. I didn't see any compact cranks, but judging by Wiggens' cadence, he was running something smaller. Also, to give people an idea of how fast they did that section; I did it in 21min and Sagan, Gilbert, Casar, and Sanchez did it in 15min ?!?!



Dan Sigouin said...

I recognize that kid. He gave me that stare at ironman Couer d'Alene. He then furthered my pain by staring at me twice on the run. Little jerk!

mgodfrey said...

Hey what do you expect the kid was born doing hill repeats on the Tourmalet, a thought where would he go for a cycling vacation!?

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