Tuesday, July 3, 2012

STC welcomes new title sponsor to the Jason Lapierre Memorial!

STC is proud to announce dB Performance has joined with our team to be the title sponsor of the Jason Lapierre Memorial Stage Race!

dB Performance is a Calgary-based software company that provides advanced Wi-Fi roaming connectivity for smartphones and other mobile devices. dB Performance enables a reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection for your device at home, office and public hotspot locations.

This is great news at the right time as we're starting to lock in several of the financial obligations associated with hosting such a high profile event. Thank you dB Performance.

Our race is now known as the dB Performance Jason Lapierre Memorial.

The dB Performance Jason Lapierre Memorial is also the last 3 stages of the 8-stage Alberta Cycling Super Week Stage Race. This race involves 3 clubs working together to provide Western Canadian (and Northwestern American) cyclists something truly special.

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