Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pump up the Volume, or not.

Saturday looks like a great morning for a ride, and with Super Week looming on the horizon this seems like a good time to put in a nice long ride. Two options.

1) I'm leaving from Eau Claire at 6:00 AM and heading out to Bragg Creek, medium no-drop pace with an ETA of 8:00, time for a quick cuppa. There we will meet up with the folks choosing option 2.

2) Meet at the coffee shop in Bragg at 8:00. Roll out to the end of 66 and back 90 mins to 2hrs again medium pace, a few throw downs but overall NO DROPS. If enough riders show we can split into a few groups but personally I won't be drilling it.

I will be riding back to Calgary from Bragg Creek after another shot of caffeine at about a 2 hr pace. Please come out and enjoy. This ride is also posted in the forum (where it belongs) please post a reply there if you would like to come.

Dave H

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mgodfrey said...

Dave, this sounded like a really good idea... Until I realized the subject line WASN'T "Pump in the Valium"... I'm out.

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