Sunday, July 1, 2012

Epic Dartmouth

This is a new race. They are building an excellent triathlon. You can pick from three races: Aquaman is an Ironman swim followed by an Ironman bike, Epic is an Ironman swim, Ironman bike, half-marathon, Iron is a full Ironman. The family Parry are starting a 2 week vacation, so the Aquaman was a great Ironman training day.  The swim was held in Lake Banook, water temperature was 20 degrees - everyone who raced Wasa needs to be jealous of that. The bike went out toward the Stanfield airport and then wound it's way toward Musquoidobit Harbour. That's right, Musquoidobit Harbour. Be jealous of that too.  I had my usual 1:10 Ironman swim, and a leisurely 6 minute transition. Training day. The bike started fast, and I started passing people straight away. I passed 24 people by the halfway point (90 km), made the turn and discovered what an offshore wind is, but I was in 5th place overall! Training day. The way back was less eventful, but away harder. I managed to get by 1 more person with 40 km to go, but my feet were on fire and my legs were fried. I followed one more guy in, varying from about 50 to 400 m back. Until. With about 2 km to go I decided to spend the rest of my energy, passed Denis and yelled Let's Go. I didn't look back. There were 3 bikes in transition when I finished. Two were from teams, so I can let that go. One was in my rack. Bummer. And yet ... The results have me in first place. FIRST PLACE! Yes, it's a small race, and yes, I got beaten by two dudes from teams. Maybe you weren't reading closely enough. FIRST PLACE! Training day. So awesome.


Rick C said...

When those good days come along, you gotta take advantage. Those sea level dudes need an altitude adjustment.... Way to go Darryl.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. The only thing you missed here was a soggy GWN.

AlanO said...

Well Done Darryl. I have some familiarity with the area in which you speak, even Musquodoboit. I have not heard of this event it looks cool.

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