Monday, July 9, 2012

Note to self...

If you don't want to race with the elite men at Provincials, then make sure to read the ABA registration sign-up instructions more carefully.  Got an email on Saturday from the ABA - the day before Provincial Masters - to inform me that because of how I had registered at the beginning of the season I was not going to be able to race in my age category.  Instead I had to race with the elite men.  Let me just say that 122km of racing with Cat 1/2 guys and U30s (for the record I am O40) in 30 degree weather is a lot different than 100km with guys of the same vintage and more less same calibre.  Wouldn't have made it to the finish line without the hard work of Marc Enter (STC), John Rilett (TCR) and Keith Batstone (RMCC).  Thanks guys and congrats on your results!

Elite Men 122 km Road Race Mass Start  5 Laps  
PL # Name Club Time Diff.
1 175 Robin Clegg Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 3:23:45.1  
2 466 Evan Bayer Aerobic Power Haus 3:23:45.2 +0.1
3 116 Eric Jensen Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 3:23:46.5 +1.3
4 398 Tyson Smith Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 3:23:55.1 +10.0
5 427 Matthew Joss Speed Theory Cycling 3:38:40.0 +14:54.8
6 379 Ryan Campbell Bicisport 3:45:08.0 +21:22.9
DNF 170 James Mollison ProCity Racing *** ***
DNF 319 Ben Bschaden Edmonton Road & Track Club *** ***
DNF 465 Patrick Brick Redbike *** ***
DNF 482 Stephen Andrichuk Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle *** ***
DNF 607 Lampros Antoniou Speed Theory Cycling *** ***
DNS 112 Andrew Cullingham Synergy Racing *** ***


Dennis said...

Welcome to the world of Cat 1/2... where just finishing the race is an accomplishment. :)

Ironically, the Masters B race was the first race in a long time where I really felt in control and was able to take an active role. It's much more satisfying to drag everyone up the hill than the other way around.

Steve P said...

You're a champ Matt. It was blistering hot, 5 laps of that sucker would have trashed most people - especially at that pace!

Marc said...

Thanks for all your hard work. Everyone worked hard but I knew that when you were following me in the paceline that I would never have to wait long before you would come around. Great to race like that! Congrats on your results too - with that caliber of field it was a great result. I cant help but wonder what would have happened if you were in Masters A and we were made to race as Masters A - not combined with Elite?

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