Monday, July 30, 2012

Super Week for Super Women

Hey Gals,

I just signed up for all the events for Super Week and I didn't see a single other STC woman there.  This will be a great opportunity for anyone looking to start racing  ... why? Here are five reasons not to chicken out:

1) You won't have to race against the pros - the crazy strong women will be in a different category!
2) Big prize money
3) The courses are awesome
4) Our club is putting it on!
5) We get to race as a team at the best event of the year

Okay, that's my pitch.  Oh, and if you aren't pregnant you don't have an excuse.  :)
It would be awesome if we could have a team presence out there.



Marilyn said...

Thanks for giving me an out Jenn. You know if I wasn't pregnant I would be out there trying to crush you (oh I mean the other teams). I wish I could race. The whole week is going to be so exciting. Trev, Joel and Crankmasters have put in so much effort to make this a cool event. Race ladies!

Marcy Kimpton said...

I am a super woman! See you at the Jay Lap hill climb and road race. Maybe the Tour de Bowness road race if I feel feisty!

Hope to pace with other Cat 5 chickadees.

Marie said...

Jen - if I can arrange babysitting, I will be in for the whole thing!
Omnium points, here I come!

Marie said...

By the way newer members... If you aren't too sure about a crit (on the tricky side) or a road race (might seem a bit long if you haven't made it out much) try the hill climbs or the time trial to get your feet wet. It's just you against you. The nice thing about those kind of races is that you can do them again later to see how much you have improved! Please come out and race!

Wendy said...

If I race in that Wed time trial, would I need to wear a ST jersey? Unfortunately I had bought the wrong size (er gender) so I sold it to a guy would wear it.

And maybe next year if we can get some more women's group rides together during the summer, then I (and maybe other newer members too!) would be more confident for entering the road race with you veterans! Good luck ladies!

Trev said...

No, in non-mass start events you don't need an STC jersey. So you can register for the TdB Hill Climb, the Cranky ITT, and our Hill Climb.


Jennifer Joss said...

Hey Ladies,

A few follow-up points:

1) If anyone is wanting to race but does not have a jersey, I'm happy to lend you one of mine - it's a medium.

2) There will be lots of opportunity to chat about race strategy as well as more basic things (i.e. how to pin your numbers on, how to sign on, etc.) at the COP hill climb.

3) I'm hearing through the grapevine that some of the newer members are a little intimidated to sign up. Friends, if more "slower" riders sign up, then there will be people for "slower" riders to ride with. So, sign up with someone you've ridden with before and know that you're going to get a great workout pushing each other.

4) If 3 year olds can come out to race, why not you!?


Marie - it is going to be super fun!
Marilyn - once that baby's out, you are on!

Emily said...

Ok, after some thought, I think I'll throw myself to the wolves in an effort to get some of the newer girls to register for some of these events. Trust me, I am a 100% new rider (I've never raced) and will likely finish last, but that's ok! I am for sure going to register for the Crankmasters ITT and the JLap Road Race in Womens Cat 5. PLEASE someone register with me!

Now, I didn't renew my Speed Theory membership this year because I didn't think I'd be racing, but wonder if I can get a pro-rated Speed Theory membership for the rest of the year so I don't have to race independent. Trev?

I hope I don't regret this! Haha!

Emily J.

Emily said...

Whoops, just noticed a Late Season STC Membership link on the front page! Nevermind!

Lelly Matthews said...

Good luck to all you racers! I wish I could be in two places at the same time - I'll be thinking of you all from the West Coast.

Marie said...

Okay Jen, I'm in it for the money now! HaHa! GC - hope you have some helpful advice... or bungey cords I can attach to your seat...

Jennifer Joss said...

Great to see Marie and Marcy signed up and Emily, great to see that you will be signing up shortly!

I'll try to come up with some words of wisdom. Can't guarantee that it won't be "more power to the pedals" and "believe that the pace will slow down", both of which are completely true, albeit absolutely useless. :)

Let's crush it team!

arcticandrea said...

I registered for the road race in a last minute decision last night. Emily -- I'm pretty sure I'll be the slowest of the slow!

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