Monday, July 23, 2012

Volunteering for the dB Performance Jason Lapierre Memorial

Team, I have created the positions needed for volunteering for our big race. This software really saves me time, since I can communicate with all volunteers easily after they sign up.

Please go to this website and peruse the positions required to make our race another huge success.

Remember, you can sign up on multiple days and in some cases you can sign up for multiple positions on the same day (example:  course prep & marshal).  You can sign up friends and family, but ensure you use an email and phone number that I can get in touch with them.

There are lots of positions that you can sign up for and still race.

The most stressful positions for me to ensure get filled are the car and driver volunteers for the road race. If we can get those sorted soon, that would be great.


Also, ensure that all your kids and all your neighbour's kids and all their school friends are coming down for the Kid's Event and bringing their parents to watch !  Please copy and paste this web address into a mass email to all your family friends with kids under 12 and tell them to be there!   This race was extremely fun for all the kids involved last year and it would be cool to see it grow. Remember, it is free and crazy fun for the kids involved. 


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