Monday, May 14, 2007

Cat 2-4 Race Report Bici Sport Crit

Trev and Rod round out our coverage for the categories above 5. Of course, a special shoutout to our friend James Tallian recently accepted into Cat4 where he placed a decisive and consistent 16th. In the cat3 mayhem Rod seemed to be enjoying the speedway but his competitors got a little scared and laid sprinkled some carpet tacks for him to flat on, resulting in a tough DNF. Frank of TRS fame also finished safely in the bunch for cat3 leading to some epic showdowns in the TT for Sunday. Lastly, the cat2s ran (luckily facing a wee bit less breeze than the preceding groups) an advantage nullified by the extra time these speedsters had to pedal. In the pic to the right we can see Trev, casually discussing the Lay-Z-Boy kit and potential labour strategies with an unidentified LayZboy rider. Unfortunately, Trev was outnumbered, but let's be honest he's never out gunned, and working with the HnR folks made the crit exciting and wild.

Trev Williams: 24th
Rod McAllister: DNF
James Tallian: 16th

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Anonymous said...

I had a flat with a lap and a half to go.

James CrankYmaster said...

Hey Rob

Great posts!!! great way to keep the team spirit strong. Hope to see some of the Cat 5 in Saskatoon.

James CrankyMaster

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