Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pigeon Lake Road Race.... SIGN UP NOW!!

This race actually fills up. Especially in Cat5. Sign up now.

Please leave a comment here after you email in your entry confirmation.
Please try to get out for this one. It is a great race with food at the end!

If we get a decent team together, we'll do some group rides before hand to establish some tactics. All you guys... let's lay it down and show our colours!

So far, here is the list:
Cat 2

Cat 4
James Tallian (virtual St'er)

Cat 5'ers
Mike Chewy
Mike Godfrey (virtual St'er)
Mike Healy

Here is an email from the Pigeon Lake Race Director.

We want to make PLRR2007 the biggest and best yet. We expect to have lead motorcycles and neutral wheel vehicles with FirstAid for each Category and Sweep vehicles following the last rider on the course.

Please remind all your Speed Theory teammates to preregister by sending their name, club, ability category (Women A, Women B, Cat 1&2, Cat 3, Cat 4, Cat 5, Cat 6) and ABA road body number (when they get it) to Jeff Davis at That way we can prepare start lists, figure out prize money and draw prizes - and stock up with enough food for the BBQ.

Remember to bring your license (and all your bike stuff) and be ready to pay $30 race entry fee (which includes $10 to the prize fund, so the more, the merrier!).

Please check the ERTC website or contact Jeff 780-483-1880 with any questions or comments about race details or dietary restrictions. Have a good race to build up your appetite! Thanks JD


James CrankYmaster said...

I just signed up and I am not even a Speed Terrorist!!

Check out the Thursday night ride and come ride.

Hey Trev I finally figured out how to post on this thing and then your post pushes mine down by two minutes!!! :)

mikehealy said...

I plan on going. I have the option of entering the Cat 5 or 6 being a masters C. Would the Cat 6 be boring, which should I enter?

Carl Miiller said...

Carl and Kirk are signed up for Pigeon Lake - Cat 5. I've got room for two more Speed Theorists (w/ bikes) if anyone else needs a ride. Let me know!


P.S. We are driving up in the morning.

Peter Lawson said...

I signed up as well. Cat5

May take you up on that offer Carl if there's still room



Carl Miiller said...

You've got a spot. We'll sort out the details later. My home # is 532-1141. Give a call a day before the race so we can sort out the meeting/pick-up details.


P.S. Still room for one more.

Mike "Chewy" said...

I signed up for Cat 5 just now.

THere's a chance i can't make it because I'm on strike duty at Red Deer. I haven't received any confirmation on my strike work schedule, so I'm being optimistic.

Carl, if there's still room in your car. Would it be possible for you to make a quick stop at Red Deer to pick me up?


Trev said...

I'm in.

Carl Miiller said...

No problem, we'll pick you up in Red Deer. My cell # is 510-8641. Call me the day before the race. Watch for a grey F350 loaded with bikes.


Ironernesto said...

I'm In,

Trev said...

Mike (Healy), I think Cat6 may be a good option, although I can't remember if it is shorter than the Cat5 race. The Pigeon course has some solid rollers on it right off the bat that may be a strain getting over in the pack.


mikehealy said...

Trev, I signed up for Cat 5 after all. I'll be ready for that first hill.


Trev said...

Cool, it'll be neat to have so many teammates in one race!


Rob said...

Gentlemen. I am in.

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