Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thursday Ride 6:00pm @ the Bean

Training Ride Plan for Thursday:
Bean @6pm.

Head to Cochrane the short way
- Short Sprints and Lead outs

Cochrane Hill repeats x 3
- or until you taste blood.

Tempo Ride Home

All Cat5s racing Pigeon lake this weekend, please try to come out. If you received the 'strategery' email try to hook up with your wingman for the rides. This is key so you can get comfortable riding together prior to the weekend. We have assembled an excellent team representing one of the best principles in cycling, everyone is a teammate not just the people in the same jersey.

As per usual, this ride is open to anyone, racers, non racers, non-speed theory people. The more the merrier. You just need to be an ABA member.

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