Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Roundup

A great deal of things going down this week. Let's recap:

1) P2C up for Grabs (blue one)
PeteL is selling a beautiful P2C while on his way to some hardcore schooling in the US. There were rumors that the A-Train destroyed his computer while drooling over this amazing offer.

2) Disc Wheel Decals
Paul is ordering up some disc wheel decals. Let the man know if you're interested.

3) The Giro is going on.
Could this be the most 'real' giro to date? No Puerto athletes, lots of new names coming to the front. Currently it's a showdown between DiLuca and Simoni. Or, as I like to view it, the Killer and the Gentleman. If Simoni wins, it would be wild. Especially since he's going after the Olympics as a mountain biker.

4) Doping.
- The Landis hearing wrapped up. TBV has the best coverage that I have found. In a nutshell, I think the LNDD lab did some shoddy work. Of course, I want to believe that floyd is clean but recent developments make it hard
-Pretty much anyone who rides professionally has confessed to doping, Basso, Zabel, Telekom. It's a sad day, but if all other sports were as serious about testing I'm sure there would be as much drama.

5) Pigeon Lake Road Race (get your tickets folks, it's going to be a great show)
Well, this is the best news thus far. It appears the Speed Theory and Friends Cat5 team will dominate this race in epic fashion. The frAtE train is in (Ernie and Alex combined). The Heater, Chewy, el Twitchy, CrankMikester and 'Captain Kirk' Draper, Pete 'The Law' Lawson 'Karl Marx' Miller should round us out. If the weather calms down look for some training rides next week. As we move up the cats, the Speed Theory and Co ranks still look impressive. JamesT in cat4. T-Rev will be representin' cat2 and hopefully Frank and Steve make the party too. The question everyone is asking though, where is Paul and his guns?


Trev said...

Dude... Zabel ?? Riis ?? Aldag ??

This is crazy?

Rob said...

Typically I hate brining up doping on the blog, but wow. This has been an interesting few weeks. I am hopeful that it is a true sign of reform. The other side to this situation is that the WADA needs step and and reform their process as well. The situation is heavily biased in favour of the anti-doping establishment and puts the athlete at a severe disadvantage. I am starting to think DNA testing might be good, you can't screw it up like a T/E ratio test.

Anonymous said...

AH HA Photographic evidence of how Paul got those HUGE GUNS...I knew it!!! :)

James (virtual Speed Terrorist)

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