Monday, May 14, 2007

Cat 5 Bici Sport Crit Race Report

Saturday was the Bici Sport Crit held at the infamous Race City Speedway. The Cat5s of Speed Theory were well represented. In the Pic to the left, we have (from left to right) Mike 'Chewie' Chui, Alex 'The A-Train' Shaw, Ernest 'the E-train' Wyder, Mike 'the Heater' Healy, and Rob 'El Twitchy' Woolley. Facing a brisk headwind, the ST boys piled up at the front right off the start teaming up with Mike from Cranky's. In the first laps MikeC suffered catastrophic chain failure and coasted to the side. The Heater (MikeH) drifted to the back but gamely pulled two other riders around the speedway for the ensuing 30 minutes. A gracious guy, MikeH claimed the work was shared well among the chase group at an estimated 90% Mike, and 10% the other guys. A BowCycle rider full of spirit launched a flyer several laps in. Cranky'sMike and Rob had to hold the A-Train back with repeated shouts of, "STAY 5 BACK!". Coming into the wind, this left the bulk of the heavy lifting to the E-Train. Ernie could be found almost every lap pulling the entire pack into the wind on the back straight. Rob was clearly being a pest leading the pack on the tailwind straight and doing his best to knock Steve(independent) over. Thankfully, Steve kept Rob on the straight and narrow until the second last lap when Rob attempted an ill-fated flyer into the wind. Coming into the finish it was up to the big guns Alex and Ernie who did an extremely good job.

Alex Shaw - 8th
Ernest Wyder - 16th
Rob Woolley - 20th
Mike Healy - 22nd
Mike Chui - dnf


Ernesto said...

Hey Rob,

Thanks for the post Rob! It was great to have a good group of guys to my first Crit! In future I'll ensure to not have a 27 on my cassette. It definitely gave me an advantage into the headwind but not the tail!

Great work Alex, The attack will get away one of these times!


Anonymous said...

Great job by all this weekend. Once a few chinks in the armour get worked out we'll show that STC (Speed Theory Cycling) is a force to be reckoned with.

Ernesto, way to torch the time trial on Sunday.

Oh, I have your pump too. Call me at 592-1626 and I can get it to you.


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