Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ride tonight.

Relatively quick ride tonight from the Bean at 7pm. Going to Tuscany to do:

4 X (45sec all out, 7:15 spin), 3 X (Tuscany hill repeat, 1 big gear, 2 small gear)

I'm going to structure the hill repeats as a 'pursuit' style workout so there is added incentive. It should be super fun. We'll have tough guy points, style points, and intimidation points. We'll refine the rules tonight and in the following weeks have a series! I love serieses!! Come out and help us define the rules for the rest of the season!

This will be a perfect workout if you are racing this weekend, and good if you are not as well.



James CrankYmaster said...

I am in.

Come on you Cat5s let's get out there and train!!! I need company in Cat4!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in, see you at 7.


Rob said...

Finally! Hill Repeats! Prepare for pain suckers!

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