Saturday, May 26, 2007

Race Prep Week !!

OK, here's the plan. Have a nice Monday off, then it's race prep !!

It would be cool to get as many Cat5'ers that are racing Pigeon Lake out as possible for Tues and Thurs.

Meet at Extreme Bean at 6:00pm Tues. and Thurs. Here is the plan:

Ride to Cochrane the short way. Practice some sprints for those who want to on the way there. Some really short hard efforts would be good for everybody. Paul or Steve or I will lead out little groups of 2 or 3 and then they can sprint against each other for practice.

Then 3 repeats of Cochrane hill on the highway. We'll do our awesome fun pursuit style method as I really think it brought the best out of us last time.

Casual ride home, spinning.

MIKE GODFREY...any chance you can make these rides?



mgodfrey said...


I can probably make the Tuesday ride, Thursday will be tough, how long are you planning for Tuesday? I am in a rest week so volume is down.

Another question I believe the Ernie, Alex and I can all move up with strong finishes at Pigeon, any thoughts on an effective strategy to get the 3 of us in a breakaway?


Trev said...

Yes...about the strategy. I have some good ideas that should play on all your strengths.

I won't be there on Tues as Alex and I are taking a novice racing course at the Glenmore Velodrome so we can hit it on track bikes!

If at all possible, come on Thursday out of the two days and we'll talk strategy. I think with Kirk and Carl and Rob, SpeedTheory has a great chance of placing some serious people in the top 10.


Trev said...

Mike, I'm going to 'invite' you to the blog so you can post stuff on the main page like rides, and race reports, and stuff.

Carl Miiller said...

I'm tied up Mon, Tue, Thur. night this week. The other Cat5'ers can fill me in on the plan later in the week.

I'm free Wednesday night if someone else wants to ride. Planning to leave Tuscany Sobey's parking lot at 6 PM. (Thinking C.O.P. hill)


Anonymous said...

I am in for Tuesday and Thursday...I'll probably ride Wed as well but just an easy recovery ride between the hard days.

James (virtual Speed Terrorist)

Ironernesto said...

I'm down with whatever strategy you guys decide. As long as it includes making the pack ride so hard that they can taste blood.

Trev, What Gear set up should I be running for this race?

Alex, Can you bring my pump?

I'm in Penticton starting tomorrow until Friday. Let me know if anyone needs a ride on Sunday.



Trev said...

Ernie, that is my plan. It should be a race of attrition for your pack with you guys left standing.

There are no huge climbs or big decents on this course, however there are a few serious rollers. I would run a 12-21 for my race, but you guys could definately run an 11-21 since your race is shorter and you don't have to conserve your legs...just crush people.

The finish is a long gradual decent, a right 90 degree corner, then about a 1.2km uphill roller. You guys will either have to have created a select group by then or have your acts together to control it so you can place a dude in first position.


Rob said...

I am not in danger of upgrading so I am more than willing to ride my nuts off for as long as I can to propel CrankMikester and the FrateTrain past the pack. I'm gunning for the stampede road race. I think we'll have to come up with something halfway decent strategically, 8 STs and 1 CM off the front will likely be shot down in short order.

I think one nite this week should be spent on lead outs in case we can't make a break.

Trev said...

Yup, Thursday night hopefully most people can show up.

I think if we take a page out of how La-Z-Boy dominated at Edmonton, ST could do the exact same thing in Pigeon Lake.

If it does come down to a sprint, I think either you or CrankMikester will be the best bet as the finishing factor, as it is a solid uphill drag, maybe Kirk too, but I don't know him as well, so don't know..


Peter Lawson said...

I'll be there Thurs night.

Looking forward to this weekend!

Captain Kirk said...

I'm game for Tuesday nights ride but off to Vancouver to see "The Police" on Wednesday and won't be back for the Thursday night ride.

Really interested in the strategy for the race on Sunday and the role I can play to help the team. Really looking forward to Speed Theory kicking some ass on this race. Let's get'em boys!!

Trev said...

Damn it...I wish I was racing Cat5 again with a team like you guys !!

It is going to be awesome fun.

I will send out an email to everyone (don't want to expose our strategy online!) with some thoughts on how we should be able to dominate if we play it smart.


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