Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ride tonight from the Bean

If it is raining, I am not too into riding. Definately meet there if you are (into riding in the rain), but I'm not going to be there if it is raining.

Maybe comment here if you will still be there if it is raining, so other 'hardcores' can still meet you.

So, I still plan on being there, but will pull out if it is raining.



Captain Kirk said...

Hate the rain - I'm with you Trev!

Anonymous said...

so your NOT going to be there if it's raining?


Trev said...

I don't recall ever saying that :)

Rob said...

Ok, it's not raining, it's MONSOONING out there. I walked outside for 3 minutes and I'm soaked to my skivvies. Have fun riding guys, pack a snorkel!

Carl Miiller said...

I rode into work today. :( My undies are getting soaked anyways.

I'm still game for a workout at 6:30 PM.

If anyone else is planning to ride, please blog me. I'm not into intervals in the rain by myself. (That is beyond hardcore).


Trev said...

I'm officially out. It was snowing up at my house.

I'm not sure if I own skivvies but they are wet if I do.


Rob said...


Anonymous said...

Rain???? Try snow!!!

And I rode to work... Anyone want to give me a ride home??


Anonymous said...

You lazy slugs! Open a can of harden the fuck up!
~ I would be there myself, but since I just got my new bike, I can't get it dirty. You understand.


Peter Lawson said...

Commuted to school today.. I am still wet behind the ears!.. mental note: Need to purchase proper rain gear

Good luck guys up in Edmonton this weekend!!

Anyone who isn't going to Edmonton
doing the Breaking Away Bearspaw ITT/TTT on Sunday?

I'll be there... probably around 10:30am.


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