Sunday, June 22, 2008

Banff Bike Fest

Well, I just got home from Banff. What an amazing race! The TT was challenging and wickedly fast coming home. The crit was tight, near impossible to pass, and crazy fast. And, the road race... Hands down the nicest course I have ever raced. Lots of hills, some super fast decents, great traffic closures.

I am totally bagged and loved every moment of the racing. Great job to Trev with his 9th in GC. Thanks a ton to Steve for jumping into the team at the last minute. I think its time for a beer now.


Trev said...

It looks as though Bruce Copeland slipped in with a group on the road race and wasn't counted or something, as he has now been placed above me in GC, giving me 9th. Which I am still super duper pumped about.

Our team placed a guy 9th in the biggest race to hit Alberta in years !! Awesome work guys !!

Kyle Marcotte said...

Good job this weekend. It was a lot of fun jumping into that level of bike racing and working as a team in the RR. I really hope that they continue this bike race in the future.

Great job by everyone as it looked like we scored points in many of the categories.

I've got to say, the highlight had to have been seeing that kid in the U8 crit racing in the Spiderman costume (mask and everthing). That was cool.

Send an email to Banff tourism, expressing how much fun you had spending the weekend in Banff to help ensure that this race will be around again in the future.

mgodfrey said...

Congrats to Trev and everyone on our Elite Team, amazing job against some really stiff competition, great work guys! Just to add to what Kyle mentioned anyone who raced in Banff would have got a survey form from Parks Canada, do take the time to fill it out and send, it will have a huge bearing on the race happening again.

Also a note on the racing on Saturday a big shout out to Rob L who got his first win of the season in the Cat 5 TT with Rob W coming in 4th. Mr Kenney was his usual self winning the Cat 4 TT in spite of a chain that had at least 2 links too many (sir you are a machine). Then he and Lockie teamed up for a 2nd & 4th in the Cat 4 Crit with Lockie taking the 2nd, so a truly huge weekend all around for Speed Theory

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