Monday, June 16, 2008

This weekend is a 'FOCUS' race in Banff.

Sat.'s TT and Crit are FOCUS races for the club. At least the TT if you don't feel comfortable doing the Crit.

REGISTER NOW !! Space is limited for this event.

Hopefully we'll have most of our team racing on Sat. and we have a full 6 man team racing on Sun. ! Should be a good event.


Mike "Chewy" said...

Any of the Cat 5's doing the Crit on Sat.? I'm super sore from the provincial du on the weekend, but I wouldn't mind joining in the fun if there's a few guys doing the crit.

I'm doing the TT for sure.

Anonymous said...

i am just going for the crit, plan to leave cop at 3-3;30 steve

Anonymous said...

change of plan, i have been asked to race with the pro field on the weekend!! i need a ride home on saturday nite after the crits, anyone coming home that nite??


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