Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pigeon Lake Cat 2 Report

Jared and I raced on Sunday in what was a fairly uneventful race. H&R Block attacked over and over until a break stuck, then they sent a couple more riders up. I told Jared to try to bridge up to the chase as I would do my best to hold the pack back. Unfortunatly we decided to do this into a headwind and although his effort was valiant it was not to be. In the end we fished in the pack and got in a hard day of riding. I think in was 40.8km/h for 134km. Banff stage race will not be as frightening now.

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Rod M said...

apparently I received a penalty for crossing the yellow line at the finish. Fortunatly the penalty only applies to the omnium and when you have zero points it is hard to take any away.

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