Monday, June 23, 2008

Rob Lukacs. Winner.

What an amazing weekend of racing. The venue, the organization, our club. Everything. Here is a run down of our results, ensuring our continued high placing in the Team category of the Alberta Road Racing Cup.

First things first with a first!
New-Rob Lukacs, 1st in the Cat5 TT.
Stephen Baguette Kenny, 1st in the Cat 4 TT.
Rob Woolley, 4th in the Cat 5 TT.
Sandra Yaworski, 2nd in the Womens TT.
Rui Ries, competing in his first timed event, 12th in the Cat5 TT.
Mike Godfrey, 9th and Lachlan Holmes 17th in the Cat4 TT.
Kyle Marcotte, 11th, Trev Williams, 13th, Jared Green, 19th, Alex Shaw, 26th, in the Elite TT.
Lachlan, 2nd, and Stephen, 4th in the Cat 4 Crit.
Trev, Jared, and Rod managed to finish the Elite Crit.
Trev 9th, Kyle 11th, Jared 35th in the Elite RR.
Trev 9th, Kyle 32nd, Jared 33rd, overall on GC in the Elite RR.

'Most expensive race' award goes to Rod who somehow managed to wreck both Zipps in the criterium without falling. I guess having a bike fly into you from the side while its rider is jetisoning away in the opposite direction helps.


RobLukacs said...

thanks for the headline trev!

great effort to everyone in banff last weekend. i love seeing race results plastered with "Speed Theory" at the end of each weekend.

keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget my 75th in the TT and 50th in the Road Race. 48th overall
and two broken Zipps.

Rod M.

mikehealy said...

There's a 7 minute video of the crit over at

The video is OK, the music - well, you might want to mute.

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