Thursday, June 12, 2008

Schedule for this week.

Let's plan rides this way instead of the email. I will lay out group rides here, and if anyone wants to add to them, put in a comment, and I'll update this post.

Group Ride led by Trev to Cochrane for Australian Pursuit Hill Climbs. Bean at 6:30pm

C4 Race

Learn to Race Safely Clinic at Research Park at 7:00pm (open to everyone)


A-Train said...

As long as the weather is good I'm in for all 3.

Rui said...

I'll be there for the learn to race clinic.

Rui said...

where do we meet in research park?

Trev said...

West side public parking lot... it is a small place, even if you park somewhere wrong, you can just ride the loop (800m or something) and you will see where we are. It is not a big place.


Anonymous said...

I am working tonight and couldnt make the learn to race clinic...any way that there will be another one in the near future...ah trying to schedule life and training with shift work...not quite getting the hang of it yet!

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