Sunday, June 8, 2008

Iron Lung MTB Canmore Results

Trev and Charlie made a quick trip up to Canmore this weekend to partake in the pain buffet served up by Bow CMC's Iron Lung MTB race.

Much like Luke and Bo from Hazzard County Trev and Charlie set off to fight corruption, questionable hair styles and obscene oil profits in one of the most scenic mountain bike races in Canada*.

In true dashing rapscallion fashion, a heroic one-two punch was landed in the Sport category with Charlie taking the win and Trev clinching second. Boss Hogg was reportedly clutching his balls after this ferocious display of nut kicking power.

In true Hazzard County boys fashion, I am sure they crossed the line floating through the air yelling YEE HAW.

[EDITORS NOTE] Trev and Charlie competed in the 'Sport' class today, having been denied to be able to race in 'Expert'. The 'Sport' class is the equivalent of about Cat4. Before you say they were sandbagging, please note that they did ask for an upgrade.

Full Results here.

*People, I cannot promise this is factual. If you want news go to CNN, I am trying to make it entertaining.

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