Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tour de France Contest with all funds going to the Jason Lapierre Scholarship at the UofC

Hey guys,

This will be the second running of our Tour de France Pool, with 100% of the entry fees going to the Jason Lapierre Scholarship fund at the UofC. Last year we raised over $900 for the scholarship and this year I'm thinking we can raise even more.

Check out contest details and prizes here

Look for updates at calgarytriandbike.blogspot.com

This contest is open to everyone.

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Trev said...

I almost won last year. I think I placed 23rd and 45th for my two teams. The way I figure it, if I put in 7 teams, I am bound to crack the top 10!

This is great contest that is fun and goes to a great cause. I hope everyone can spare a couple minutes to join in the fun and see where their TdF picks get them!


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