Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well... it's go time.

The Banff Stage race is happening and we're as ready as we'll ever be! I am pretty excited to be racing with some pretty rad dudes.

We'll have the tent setup early on Sat. morning for the ST Cycling team to warm up beside before the TT. Try to get there nice and early to get in a good warm up and get pumped. We will try to be located in an obvious spot so we are easily found, however you can give me a call at 4038318738 if you have trouble finding us.

The Cat5s go off nice and early !



Anonymous said...

does anyone have room for a bike and body to come home after the crit race in banff?? our race is over at 9:30 ish

mikehealy said...

Good luck to everyone racing. I'll be there for the crit and road race taking pictures. Smile for the camera!

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