Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wed. night race.

I hope to make it to the C4 race on Wed.

We can use it as a tough training session and I will work with people on tactics and making others (competitors) work more than they want to.

Leave a comment here of who's in.


RobLukacs said...

I'll make it out. Where is it exactly?

Anonymous said...

i cant figure out where it is either, if its out in millarville i am not there, maybe the cabin ride

Lockie said...
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Lockie said...

I'm in.

The meeting spot is at the corner of 22x and 22 (near Priddis, not Bragg Creek). At least, that's where we met last C4 road race.

Rod M said...

my son is turning 10. Pretty sure I won't be there.

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