Thursday, July 31, 2008

Looking for a rider

Hey everyone,

Mark Shand is looking to hook up for some riding in the next little bit.

Can anyone post to this message and try and organize with him. I am unavailable
unless you all want to come mountain biking in Fernie and Cranbrook.

Take care



RobLukacs said...


There's gonna be plenty of riders in the Tour de Bowness this weekend to ride with! You should race. After that though I'll go riding with you for sure.

Rob L

Relentless said...

I'm away from th 8th to the 11th but I'm defintely in for anything outside those dates.

Andy Hill said...

I have been away on vacation for the last couple of week and just got back today. I am up for riding. Let me know when you want to ride.

Andy Hill

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