Monday, July 14, 2008

Stampede Road Race

I just looked at the results and wanted everyone to know that Lockie was missed in the Elite standings. I know he finished ahead of me by one or two riders. The ABA mentioned to me as I was leaving the event that they could not read his numbers do to there palcement. Of course it could also be that he showed up with 1 minute to spare and switched categories from Cat A to Elite and things got messed up. I can attest that he was in the race, suffered greatly, and had a good kick at the end.

Lastly a big thanks to Trev, a marked man throughout the race but put a big effort in to make it a race. Of course everyone suffered for it.


Rob said...

From experience, results can be a gong show. It sucks that you got lost in the shuffle lockie.

Lockie said...

Yeah, I don't blame them for missing me in the results. I'm lucky to have been allowed to race, arriving so late. Although if I had my numbers in the right spot, they probably would have been hidden by my tongue, which was dragging on the ground as I finished.

In the results, I think they don't have a person in 9th, which is about where I thought I placed, so I guess that's me. That being said, I was still expecting to get dropped with 1km to go. So next time I wont be so scared sh!tless of being dropped in the first lap, and will instead do some work with Trev, Steve and Alex, who were representin' with some big pulls and attacks. Nice work, guys!

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