Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stampede Road Race

I have Registerd for the race, the registration process forces you to register based on your age. I put a note that I wanted to race in the Master A category assuming we could load a bunch of us in that category. Brad from Crankmasters confirmed that we can race down in age category. They will pick these requests up from the note section on the registration form. If we don't have anyone racing in Mater A then I will help Alex out in the Elite Category (suffering for a few laps).


Relentless said...

Brad from Crankmasters just called and they are still sorting out the racing in different categories. There is a chance we may have to race in our age categories or go Elite. They'll let us know when we register.

Lockie said...

I've signed up in A1.

Anonymous said...

I've registered with the old guys. Masters C

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