Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Speed Theory to host the Provincial TTT Championships?

Guys, ST has been offered to host the Prov. TTT Champs in conjunction with our Sept 6th ITT. I guess RMCC had to pull out.

I really wanted our guys to have the option to race the TTT since it is a great event. I thought we should have 2 full teams registered.

Anyway, we were going to make our Sept. 6th event a 'bare bones' event with minimal volunteers, so any ST Cycling members that wanted to race were free too. However, hosting the TTT Champs, would up our required involvement a bit. The ABA said that if we confirmed a course, prepped it, and made it safe (traffic wise), they would handle the rest (timing).

So, on the course Alex and I scoped out 2 weeks ago, I think we would need 7 volunteers to make the course safe. ABA can handle the timing. The volunteer commitment would be about 3 hours since it will be a short 1 event type TT.

Therefore, I was wondering who wasn't planning on racing this event and wouldn't mind volunteering AND/OR who could provide us with a wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/friend for 3 hours. Please leave a comment soon as we should notify the ABA soon.

Here is a link to the proposed route. It is very close to town, which is nice for the volunteers. Also, it is 100% all brand new pavement ! 22km long.

Here is another proposed route that is a little longer. But all still on brand new pavement. This would be a HARD route, and would require about 4 more volunteers. 40km long.



Anonymous said...

I cant make this one Vickie is out of town.

A-Train said...

I was planning on competing if we have a team. I don't think I can get anyone myself.

Rob said...

I feel pretty chumpy, I am vacationing that weekend so not only can I not volunteer I am unable to TTT.

mgodfrey said...

I am planning on racing the TTT, it would be great to move the race to the weekend of the 6th as it would move it away from the Norquay Hill Climb weekend

Anonymous said...


I can volunteer as I will have just finished Ironman two weeks earlier. It might be tricky holding six bikes at once at the start line, but I'll manage. Be cool.
Ryan M.

Anonymous said...

I will also be suffering from post ironman depression - I will be happy to volunteer.

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