Monday, July 7, 2008

Volunteer Meeting on July 12th.

OK, we will have a mass volunteer meeting at 8am at Dartique Lodge on Sat. This way we will know if anyone is missing and what spots need to be compensated for if the occasion presents itself.

Kyle and Paul C. will be out 'Safe Proofing' the course at this time so you two don't need to come to this. You will need to pick up the spray paint and cones from Alex however, so call him beforehand (like 7:40am) and arrange pick up.

Dan and Lachlan will be out setting up the banners and Miiller posts at this time as well. Dan, you will need to pick up the Miiller posts earlier in the week and I will drop off the banners. At that time I will go over what needs to happen. Lachlan... touch base with Dan this week.

Steve and Rod will be setting up the start ramp and ensuring it's safety at this time. You two touch base with each other this week.

James, you may need to be out directing traffic at this time, we'll play this one by ear.

All others... 8am at Dartique Lodge.


Anonymous said...

looking fwd to this guys!!

A-Train said...


If you can fit a broom into your vehicle can you bring it out Saturday morning? Trev and I went out tonight and course looks pretty good but just in case we have to do some last minute sweeping. Thanks.

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