Friday, July 4, 2008

TdF entries...

So far I have 27 Entries for the TdF Pool.

I know there is always some late stragglers so for those of you still wishing to enter, you can do so. I ask that you email your entries to dukyle at yahoo dot ca before the start of tomorrow’s stage.

TdF Pool Info

Just a reminder that all funds raised go towards the Lapierre Scholarship Fund at the UofC and that we have some great prizes for this event.


Anonymous said...


I dropped off two teams and the money at Speed Theory. I already let Trev know and just thought I would update you.

By the way my teams are awesome!!!!

Rod M.

Kyle Marcotte said...

Yup, thanks Rod. I got them.

mgodfrey said...

Is it too late to pick Valverde for the first stage? Did anyone see the graphic that showed Adam Hanson pushing 769 watts at the end of the 195km race? Damn!

Anonymous said...

If anyone gets points today the pool is definatly fixed.

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