Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stampede Road Race

Who's in and what Cat are we racing? (elite or age group)
Wanting to register but don't want to race by myself either.


Andy H said...

I am planning on racing.

Do all the same age group race together or is it my Category?

Andy Hill

Trev said...

The age groups race together in this race (unless you choose Elite, then you race everyone else who chose Elite). It is tailored toward the Masters racers. This is why it is not worth any points in the Alberta Road Cup series.

Andy, you should sign up to compete in your age-group for this one.

It's a great race though.


A-Train said...

I'm signed up to race Elite. I have to. Whether I belong there or not.

Mike "Chewy" said...

I asked if they'll let me race Novice master and they basically said anyone under 30 have to race elite. I'll probably just ride out there to volunteer or something.

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