Thursday, July 24, 2008

Provincial TTT confirmed.

ST Cyclists are encouraged to race both of these events.

Here is the new ITT course. It will be 16km and an out and back. This will be run in the morning.

The route for the TTT will be 3 laps and be 45km and will be run in the afternoon.

I really hope we can get 2 full TTT teams into this as well as most of our club for the ITT.
Closer to the time, we will assemble our teams and find out who is doing the ITT, as it will be free for our racers.

Please leave a comment if you can volunteer, or if you have any general comments.

Volunteers we have:
Rob is handling Karelo and the start lists.
Trev is handling the technical guide.
Alex and Trev will fully prep the course in the morning before the race.
Morning of the event: Paul A., Mike H., Mike G. and Kristian
Afternoon of the event: Randy Miller, Ryan M., Rui Reis, Mike C.


Sagewood said...

Trev - Do you think the ITT would be run at the top of the day followed by the TTT, or vice versa?


Trev said...

I talked to Kipp this morning and he said run the ITT in the morning and keep it short, so a little shorter than what I have on this post. And then the TTT in the afternoon.


mgodfrey said...


I can volunteer in the morning and race in the afternoon in the TTT.


Anonymous said...

Is the TTT a 4 person format or 6 person?

Trev said...

6 teammates must start, with the fourth rider counted for time.


RobLukacs said...

i can volunteer in the morning if needed, and I definitely want to do the TTT

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