Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beer Mile Results

It was a cool Saturday night with a bit of snow on the ground but clear footing on the track for the 33 individuals who took on the 2009 Beer Mile. The cast would include 16 first time beer milers with the eventual winner, Geoff "hoofing" Hopfner coming from this group. Defending champion, Luke Way came in second. The two were in separate heats and I wonder how it would have turned out had they been in the same heat.

The women saw a close battle between Cat Brown and Kelly O'Toole with O'Toole claiming the victory.

Bringing up the rear was Trev Williams. Give this guy credit as he comes out knowing that he drinks beer like he is sipping tea at a Tea Party. But he was not alone at the Tea Party as Joel "beer bottle soother" battled it out with Trev. It came down to the last 200 meters and Joel claimed victory over Trev. Hard to believe that these boys are Engineers!

This year a double was attempted and was succeeded. Rob Lukacs posted 8:15 amd 15:04, respectively for his beer miles. He was seen drinking before and after. Goosh!

In usual fashion many dressed up for the occasion.

Thanks to all who came out. See you in the spring for the next one.

Sex Time Name Age

M 6:47 Geoff "hoofing" Hopfner 28
M 7:04 Luke Way
M 7:52 John White 34
M 7:59 Kyle Marcotte 32
M 8:01 Raui
M 8:15 Rob "beer star double" Lukacs 23
M 8:27 Johnny Hammill 27
M 8:28 Keith "I just turned 40" Bayly 40
M 8:28 Mike Young 32
M 8:51 Carson Bannon 28
M 9:02 Greg "I am gonna win" Nicholson 35
M 9:21 Alan O 45
F 9:29 Kelly O'Toole 27
F 9:44 Cat Brown 29
F 10:47 Sandra "polishbaba" Yaworski 47
M 10:58 Mark Shand 31
F 11:01 Shari Boyle 36
M 11:03 Clarke Ellis 26
M 11:26 Lachlon Holmes 31
M 11:27 Jason Doornbos 26
M 12:02 Scott Curry 34
M 12:21 Evan Romanow 26
F 12:22 Tara Ross 29
M 13:07 Ryan Murray 32
F 13:08 Caroline Owens 28
F 13:17 Aoife Donnelly 27
M 14:27 Steve P 25
M 15:04 Rob "beer star double" Lukacs 23
M 15:10 Chris Campbell 32
F 16:20 Leslie Bannon 24
M 16:58 Frank "fast legs" Woolstencroft 31
M 22:47 Joel "beer bottle soother"
M 23:07 for 3laps...dnf Trev "someone has to be last" Williams 34


Joel said...


8 beers in about 35 mins!!

That is off the hook!

we suck.

Mark said...

I just drove by Glenmore Athletic Park ... I think I saw Trev still working on his third beer.

Great job Speed Theorists on our great showing ... Rob, you are a machine.

Scott G-C said...

Sorry I missed it, sounds like a great time.

Clarke E said...

That was quite the performance from Rob...although it was funny as hell watching him drink those four beers during the second beer mile. Maybe that's because all four of my beer hit me at once after the race was over and I'm a freaking lightweight?

Worst event and best event ever all wrapped into one package. I wouldn't miss it next year, but one per year is probably good for me. I'm just glad I didn't throw up, especially after hearing all that liquid splatter beside me while I was drinking my fourth.

RobLukacs said...

What a great experience that was. Did I really look that bad drinking beers 5-8?!?

The best part was Ryan puking 20m from the finish line...that smurf wig was a nice touch.

Does anyone have pictures from that? I remember seeing alot of flashes.

Tom K said...

I witnessed this event and here were my observations:

1)There are some fast runners
2) There are some fast drinkers
3) There are some fast runner/drinkers
4) Trev and Lockie are not power drinkers
5) Rob is a lunatic
6) I will not be entering this event.. ever.


Carson said...


I posted a few pictures on the website. I haven't seen any others yet but they usually end up on the beermile facebook page.

I think we are planning to run another one sometime in the spring of next year.... sort of a kick off to the seasons races. You have between now and then to train your heart out.


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