Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Party and Beer Mile.

Some busy fun times before winter sets in.

Beer Mile Info here. Even if you aren't going to do it, come out and cheer people on. It is a ridiculous event that is silly enough you have to come. Remember, only cans (no bottles) and it has to be 5% or more. No Guinness. More Info here. Luke Way, the defending Albertan Champion will be there signing autographs and lapping me 3 times in the 4 lap event.

Halloween Party. Oct. 30th, Friday night starting around 7pm. Everyone welcome, kids encouraged for this one. Will be catered with food, and booze (if you bring a driver). Starting at around 7pm at our house. Will post address on the 29th.


Lockie said...

You're saying your Halloween party is Fri, but the calendar on the team website says Saturday...

Speed Theory Admin said...

Fixed !

polishbaba said...

Beer mile is still a go as weather is expected to get better throughout the day.


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