Friday, October 16, 2009

Blow Street Supercross Course Conditions

The Blow Street course is located directly across the street from the college where I work. Unless we get some serious heat today, it looks like tomorrow will be sloppy. Bring your snow tires.


Dennis said...

Heh heh... Blow Street.

Brent said...

warmer temps, super slick course, should be a great time :)

hey guys don't forget about Remington Cross For Kids on Sunday as well at COP.

Check out this link for details, we've had to adjust exactly where the race is because of the snow. I think the new section of COP will produce a more exciting course over last yr.

cya this weekend.

Darryl said...

True story. I grew up in Brentwood. One of they guys a grade behind me in school lived on Blow Street. I once heard him trying to pick up a girl with his smoothness on a two-way radio. It was all going well until he gave her his address.
He may still be a virgin, I don't know.

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