Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today I am going to order 2 HeroCams with Handlebar mounts for the club. I hope to test them over Cross season and then have people mount them on their bikes for stuff like a huge club interval session or hillclimb session. Then we can have a repository online so during the winter, you can download Mt Norquay, or Revelstoke Hill Climb, and do the interval along with your ST teammates. I think it will be cool and provide some motivation over the LOOOONNGGG winter. What do you guys think? Dallas has already field tested one from Bowcycle and it works awesome, so we know it works.



Scott G-C said...

I have a friend how has one and he has created some awesome MTBing on wicked single track with one of those.

Lockie said...

Trev, that is such a great idea!!

RobWoolley said...

Those cams are great.

Dennis said...

To give you an idea of the image quality, here are a couple of videos I made recently with my GoPro 5 MP camera (wide angle version):

I was going to use this in the JayLap Crit (pointing backwards from the motorbike) but didn't get it in time. There is also a chesty attachment that people seem to like because the video is not as shaky as on a helmet or bike.

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