Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beer Mile Time.

Oct. 24th ... it is time... and long overdue.



Carson said...


Race will be held at the Glenmore Athletic Track on the 24th of October

Sign on will occur at 6:45 pm.

Races at:

-Virgins: 7:15 pm
-Open Female and Master Female: 7:35
-Open Male and Master Male: 8:00 pm

BYOB & BYODriver

Joel said...

I'm in Carson. This will be my third beer mile and I have learned many valuable lessons that I will put to good use on the 24th. I am running faster than ever and drinking less, so improvement may be measured!!

I am dying to see Trev in this event going head-to-head with Luke Way. Could be good.

Should be able to count on me bringing a few tag-alongs.

Trev said...

Joel, first off, people who don't know should be informed that Luke is a FAR superior athlete to me in every way.

Second off, I guess you saw Luke lap me twice in the four lap event last race. I will be competing head to head with the usual crowd of 16min beer-milers, while Luke did it in just under 8min last time I believe.


Rod M said...

Trev winning a beer mile, hahahaha

Fausto said...

I think I can win.
Are there time bonuses for tall cans?

Speed Theory Admin said...

Keith. The Beer Mile is an elusive event. It will be neat to see how you cope. There are heavy drinkers that suck at it and people you would never expect to do well rock the show. It is super fun either way though.

I can't wait to get Darcy G in on it. I have a feeling he may beat me, but I will put up a good fight.


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