Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gala at the Kenny's

Just wanted to say Thanks so much. I appreciate the oppurtunity to ride with the ST squad this year, the gift was over the top. Mr and Mrs Kenny, the food was outstanding, drinks as well, and the company was Tops. ..Keith looked like hell :0) what happened on Saturday night ?


Scott G-C said...

I just want to also say, that it was great to find a great group of cyclist to share the sport with. And I know it is going to be hard to improve on being the #1 team in Alberta next year, but I look forward to trying.

Thomas said...

Thanks to the Kenny family for hosting a great get together. Much appreciated.

Darcy G said...

It was an awesome evening. Thanks for the Kenny's for hosting a grand party!

Kailee said...

I agree! It was a great way to wrap up the road racing season. Thanks to Tom and Leslie for hosting the event and thanks to everybody for such a warm welcome into the club.

Tom K said...

Thanks Trev and Speed Theory for sponsoring the party. It was good to see everyone in a different atmosphere where you're not running around looking for a wheel or wondering if you put 110 or 150 psi in that tire that might have too many miles on it.

It was a good turn out, although fewer wives showed up than we expected. Next time we'll tempt them with exotic dancers or maybe Darcy can do some table dancing.

Tom & Lesley

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