Monday, October 5, 2009

Dark Knight ?

Guys... I can't believe I missed Dark Knight, but it happened. That doesn't mean I don't want to hear about it. Can someone tell us all about it and maybe even upload some pics?



Scott G-C said...


Not to rub it in but it was AWESOME, I can not imaging doing or watching a more exciting cross race (that does not involve pros).

So for my own race report is nothing all that exciting, lapped at the very end of my 2nd lap, but was happy I got to do 2 more laps. But the course had it all steep hill, tight corners, off caber traverse, barriers, short and long sand pits (Scott 2, Sand Pit 2), fast flat section.

It was also great to see all the fans out cheering and enjoying the race.

Can't wait until the next cross race.

polishbaba said...

Well - Dark Knight was awesome. I rode in B group and there were only a handful of women as most opted for the earlier race. However, I held it together and was lapped on my last lap. The course was dry and identical to last year.

Sunday was an entirely different day. It was a MUD fest. I have never done a wet cyclocross race before as last year the weather was great for cyclocross (as it has been this year). As such, this year with very wet conditions the course was 25% having to run or slide, 25% trying to stay on your bike and not slide down, and 50% riding. It was great fun.

Lesson learned for me- need to practise more with eggbeater pedals as they caused me much grief at times during the races. However, I like them as no mud collects. Totally cool.

I am off to Nationals this weekend and am curious as to what the conditions will be there!

See you all on Tuesday for another crazy and fun-filled night.

BTW- I am thinking that a cyclo du may be in order. A 5km cross country run followed by a cyclocross race followed by a 5 km cross country run with some obstacles? Trev- what do you think????

Darryl said...

And then there was the Oval 'Cross where they turned up the wet and turned down the suck. It was a slippin', slidin', muddy, sandy, grassy, hoppin' highly entertaining race to watch and contest. I started more slowly than I wanted, but worked my way up to the middle of the field by the end. Experience is a great teacher. I was the very personification of cyclocross style and grace by the time it was all over.
Thomas and Darcy were also in the Sport class race. I only saw Thomas at the start and the finish as he was well ahead of me. Darcy needs a bike that weighs less than half his body weight.
There was much photography going on - I was blinded by the paparazzi a couple of times. There are shots of Dark Knight at flickr, search for bquinney.

Darcy G said...

What can I say? Dark Knight was awesome. For me, the highlight of the night was overhearing Keith yell, "Hey, that wasn't totally embarrassing" after one of my remounts after the sand pit. Maybe by the 2012 season I'll have the dismount/mount thing figured out.

Then there was Oval Cross. I know my limits, so I lined up at the back so I wouldn't get in the way of racers who actually know what they're doing. Good thing I did, too. Nothing like some snow and ice to remind me that my technical riding skills aren't where they need to be. I had fun, but boy, I stink.

Thanks to the Bow Cycle and Oval crew for a great event.

Fausto said...

That was one of the best 'cross weekends in Alberta I've ever been a part of. This event cannot be missed!

You all know that 'cross is my focus season. The Dark Knight was pretty much my 40th birthday party. Next weekend is Cyclocross Christmas (National Championships) and Shawntoberfest the next. Then 3 more weeks of 'cross! Liver, don't fail me now!
Did I say liver, I meant legs.

As always, Bill Quinney has some good shots of the race.

You will all notice I was rocking the Veloplzen kit for the Dark Knight. I had to do it. My awesome result was recorded as ST though.

Soooo many laughs at the Slip and Slide, Oval 'Cross. I got caught out with a bad tire choice that cost me some serious time but damn, that was a hard race!

We missed you out there Trev. We missed everyone that didn't make it. Next year, make sure you are part of the event, one way or a drunken other.

RobWoolley said...

Oh Snap! Happy Birthday Fausto and congrats on some wicked results.

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